Event Registration

Give your attendees a great experience from the moment they register.

We offer complete, on-site registration solutions for conferences, seminars, trainings, exhibition, gala dinner. Our systems will handle the entire registration process from online registration, onsite registration and accreditation, to badge design and collection as well as analytic report of the event registration.

One of the main motivations for professional registration is data gathering to empower your marketing team with data about the type of individuals from various sectors that attend your event. Companies value these database  and cross pollinate them for their marketing drives and decision making.

Our in-house development team will work with you to achieve just the look and functionality that is appropriate to your event. All sites are branded and the system automatically issues unique barcodes to event visitors who may register online or offline. In addition, we can email unique barcodes to any database that you plan to use as a pre-registration database.

Need any of these? We are here for you!

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