Meet Our Team



Our very own YZ! Widely acknowledged as the undisputed pioneer of events management as a business in Nigeria, YZ has  brought professionalism, credibility and panache to this field, using her innate organisational skills and extensive corporate experience in law and banking, to redefine the execution of both corporate and retail events

An award-winning entrepreneur, a trailblazer, a role model and mentor to many young women, a much sought-after conference speaker, an author of 3 inspirational books ( and currently working on the 4th!)  a devoted wife and mother, YZ brings new meaning to the word Multitasker!

YZ truly believes she is fulfilling purpose by running Eventful as she is using her natural and God-given talents and abilities to be a solution provider in the important and growing events industry.

She is a perfectionist and brings her meticulous attention to detail to bear on all her events knowing that Eventful’s leadership position can only be sustained by maintaining excellent standards no matter how difficult the work terrain may be.

The Logistics Guru


Fisayo is our Mr Logistics and Head of Events.

He is the dependable, competent and resourceful manager you need to ensure your event is delivered seamlessly without you going through the stress associated with event set up, logistics and the event breakdown.

Cool, calm and collected, Fisayo thrives on the pressure of the event and is never phased by even the most difficult situations. He just deals with it!!

Fisayo is blessed with a positive disposition and a rare “can do” spirit which naturally endears him to all his clients. They know they can completely rely on him to give all it takes to make their event perfect.

Fisayo Beecroft

The Workforce Connoisseur

Folusho Olumide-Okeowo

Folusho or FOO as she is sometimes called is the Workforce Powerhouse of the Eventful Brand.
As you engage with our well trained and professional staff, you will be delighted by the experience as they are truly bred by the best standard HR practices nurtured by our resourceful and committed FOO.

GQ Uche


When it comes to looking the part and dealing with difficult situations, unique and understanding Uche is your guy! He is always on point in relating with clients and does not hesitate to use his charming qualities where required. Trendy Uche is our GQ guy and never disappoints us with his powerful colour blocking.

He is a networker par excellence and uses this natural talent for the benefit of the company to enhance his relationship with clients, vendors and even his colleagues.

The Event Strategist


Lola can be best described with two words, vivacious and techy! There is never a dull moment with her and she has been described by many as being likable. This we must say has endeared her to all of her clients. Lola is very passionate about events, practically lives and breathes events. She maintains a calm demeanor even in the midst of the most stressful events, inspiring confidence in her client. Lola is very inquisitive, loves everything techy and always keeps up with trendy event technology to enhance her service delivery.

Assertive Chioma

Chioma Nwachukwu

Chioma is responsible for all Eventful finances and transactions, her numbers always add up because of her wealth of experience in finance management. Thorough and calculative she achieves the deliverables with minimal cost. Management can go to sleep knowing that Chioma is in control of the finances. Chioma is a consummate professional and at Eventful no expenses are approved without “Madam Cost Control” giving her consent!